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AEM Thinking Forward Podcast—Advancing the Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Make sure your business is prepared to adapt in a changing market. The AEM Thinking Forward Podcast is where leaders in the equipment manufacturing industry hear about the latest developments and disruptions in construction and agriculture. Listen regularly for insightful interviews with technology pioneers, industry heavyweights and established experts. The AEM Thinking Forward Podcast is brought to you by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), which represents more than 950 North American heavy equipment manufacturers. 

Oct 24, 2018

For the manufacturers who build agriculture equipment, understanding the Internet of Things, digital service business models and consolidating farm ownership is more crucial than ever before.

Together with the Context Network, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers prepared "The Future of Agriculture," a comprehensive report on the trends that will impact manufacturers over the next 25 years. In this episode, Context's Doug Griffin and AEM VP of Ag Services Curt Blades flesh out key takeaways. Plus, learn about the test beds where these technologies are being pioneered from Dr. Dennis Buckmaster, Dean's Fellow for Digital Agriculture at Purdue University. 

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Music by Little Glass Men / CC BY 4.0